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About Us

Rolmax Consultants Ltd. is committed to securing the suitable insurance cover for your business and personal needs at the most competitive price.  Over the years we have amassed extensive experience within the commercial & personal insurance sectors and established strong relationships with insurers, this enables us to provide you with the highest standards of bespoke insurance service, based on the highest levels of reliability, integrity and transparency.


We act for a variety of clients, including small & medium enterprises, listed companies, retailed shops, contractors and private clients, across a broad range of business sectors.  Our independent status provides impartial access to the market, we can help our clients navigate the increasingly complex process of selecting the best policy.

personal Insurance

Having the right insurance takes the worry out of the unexpected. You want to be adequately covered and importantly, you want to know your insurer will be there when you need it most, handling your claim quickly and worry-free.

life Insurance & annuity product

We're here to give you & your loved ones the financial support they may need if the unexpected happens. Life Insurance Products

- life protection up to age 100, guaranteed cash value
- renewable term life insurance Savings Products
- boost your wealth accumulation
- flexibility to manage & access your savings Qualifying Annuity Policy
- flexible plan options
- provide monthly income

individual medical insurance

Everyone wants to stay healthy, but the unfortunate reality is that illnesses or accidents can send us to the hospital. As medical expenses can be quite costly and can also increase with age, it is paramount to have sufficient insurance coverage to protect you and your family. Medical Insurance will protect you against rising medical expenses and hospital bills in local & overseas, providing peace-of-mind, even if the unfortunate or the unexpected happens.

motor insurance

For many of us, purchasing a car is an exciting time in our lives. Make sure you have the proper coverage to protect your new purchase with new motor insurance from us. According to Hong Kong's legislation, you must hold a valid insurance policy for your vehicle in order to license it for driving on public roads. We are able to provide an extensive range of options for Motor Vehicle and Car Insurance coverage in Hong Kong with choices including basic Third-Party Only protection through to Comprehensive Coverage protecting acts of theft, and even fires.

home protection Insurance

Whether you are a home owner or a tenant, your home can be vulnerable to varying risks – from burglary to fire to typhoon or even personal liabilities. Home Protection insurance products provide the protection you need for your home in case the unexpected occurs including but not limited to:

- All-round protection for your Home Contents, from those contained in your home to those in your bank's safe deposit box or during transit to your new home
- Comprehensive and flexible optional covers to suit your needs, including Personal Valuables, Personal Liability and Domestic Employer's Liability
- Additional cover for your temporary accommodation as a result of an accident
- Worry free from the liability and legal costs for defending a claim arising from your home

landlord insurance

Being a landlord, you can secure your asset and also earn steady rental income. Nevertheless, are you aware of the additional risks of being a landlord? The additional risks such as the loss of or damage to the household contents that you leave to your tenant, or the rental loss and the recovery expenses that you will incur as a result of unforeseen incident, in particular the repairing cost arising out of losses due to accidents in your premises, or the liability as landlord towards third party bodily injury or death arising out of improper property maintenance. As a landlord, you may be eligible to a hefty sum of loss. Landlord Insurance provides landlords with a comprehensive protection to the leased premises in order to secure your property investments.

domestic helper insurance

In Hong Kong, domestic helpers serve a vital role. They help us take care of our families and household chores, enabling us to focus on providing for our family's financial future and spending quality time with our loved ones. Under the laws of Hong Kong, the obligation of employers of domestic helpers goes beyond just paying their salaries. Employers are also legally required to ensure that their domestic helpers are fully covered against work injury and illness. Domestic Helper Plan provides such coverage with a comprehensive insurance package that your domestic helper as well as an employer. It is designed also to protect you against the medical expenses of your domestic helper for doctor visits, dentist and even hospital stays.

travel insurance

Travelling overseas or in Mainland China for personal or business reasons involves planning, expense and unfortunately, some  risk  too. Some of these risks could include the financial losses you experience due to travel changes, cancellation or interruption, medical expenses, baggage damage or theft, and more.

working holidays

Travelling around the world to enrich life experience is a precious opportunity for many youngsters. With the launch of Working Holiday Scheme, many youngsters' dream had come true. When you are living alone in a foreign country, it is normal that you would have concern about medical and economic problems raised from unpredicted accidents. Working Holiday Insurance is designed to provide financial protection aganist illnesses or accidents, but also against loss of or damage to baggage and personal effects, and other unexpected losses during the Working Holiday.

overseas study insurance

No matter whether you are a student or employee, studying abroad or taking a short course overseas is an opportunity for self-enhancement. When you are living alone in a foreign country, it is normal that you would have concerns about medical problems or accidents you may encounter during the period. Overseas Study Insurance plan is designed to provide financial protection against ill-health and accident, but also against damage to property, personal liability and other unexpected losses during the study trip.

cruise travel insurance

Nowadays, cruise tour has become a popular travel style in the world. While enjoying your cruise tour, you may encounter the risk of adverse weather or unexpected conditions which might make your shore excursion cancelled or incur additional expenses to re-join the cruise ship at the next scheduled port. Hence, Cruise Travel Insurance, a comprehensive travel insurance specially designed for cruise tour.

golf insurance

Golfing is generally a relatively safe sport, but accidents can happen. One errant shot can result in damage or third party bodily injury. With golfer's insurance protection, you can focus your attention on enjoying the game rather than worrying about what might happen. Golfer insurance provides a comprehensive cover to safeguard you against financial losses due to accidents and legal liabilities. It also cover the loss of your golfing equipment and personal effects.

personal accident insurance

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. On top of causing bodily injuries that costs you for the medical expenses or even prevents you from working for a period of time, resulting in a loss of income, accident can, in the worst event, be fatal. Personal Accident insurance can protect you by easing the financial strain on you and your family in the event of an accident.

Our Team

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Laura King, Director of Operations

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Juan Alvarez, Director of Sales

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